Thursday, March 15, 2012

Cartoons with Captions

In Stage 6 of the Cambridge Latin course there is a passage entitled Felix et fur. The Teacher's Manual suggests that "This is... a good story to represent as a cartoon, using sentences from the story as captions." Here I think is where I was first inspired to try this with my students; I found that the same activity also fits with other passages as well.

To help my students, I provide this document as a template:
I have found that giving them this document really helps them to complete the task well. Of course you can change it to fit your needs. It can be for homework or classwork.

I am always amused to review their work, and normally pleasantly surprised with how much thought has gone into their drawings and choice of captions. Here is an example of the same activity done on a different passage:
Felix et fur Cartoons with Captions (.docx 45KB)

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