Monday, January 28, 2013

TPRS Script: Kills and Eats

Here is a simple TPRS script I am trying out this week with a few classes. It lines up really well with a few of the questions of Ben Slavic's questionnaire.

In PQA you can talk about what kids like, then eventually what foods kids like. To circle "walking through _____," we looked at what were favorite stores and whether students were happy or sad "walking through American Eagle," for example. I wrote the script specifically with a student who likes hunting in mind, but at the very least you can transition to the story by talking about the difference between buying food in a favorite store and killing it yourself on a hunting trip.

Remember, of course, that the blanks (_____) are filled in with the personalized details of your particular class. You'll need somebody to go hunting, what s/he wants to eat, what s/he sees at the first location, etc. Decide all of those details with the class as they create the story with you.

The English version:

Kills and Eats
-wants to eat
-walking through the kitchen (or whatever)

_____ wants to eat _____. _____, walking through the kitchen, doesn't see _____. Now _____ wants to kill _____ and eat _____. _____ goes to _____.
            _____, walking through _____, sees _____. But _____ doesn't want to eat _____. _____ doesn't kill _____. _____ goes home sadly.
            _____, walking through the street, sees _____! _____ wants to eat _____. _____ kills _____ with _____. _____.

The Latin version:

necat et edit
-edere vult
-per culinam ambulans

_____ _____ edere vult. _____, per culinam ambulans, _____ non videt. nunc _____ _____ necare vult et _____ edere vult. _____ ad _____ procedit.
            _____, per _____ ambulans, _____ videt. sed _____ _____ edere non vult. _____ _____ non necat. _____ ad villam procedit tristis.
            _____, per viam ambulans, _____ videt! _____ _____ edere vult. _____ _____ _____ necat. _____.

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  1. These are great! I was just per culinam ambulans myself a few minutes ago, as a matter of fact. Thanks for posting both English and Latin, I can have fun with this!

    1. Thanks, Terry. I think I might start posting these scripts as I write them. Even if they turn out to be duds, maybe they can give others ideas to make better scripts. I am finding that I have to write my own scripts mostly, anyways, to line up with my student's survey responses.